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Perfectly Imperfect Crew Clothing brand Dereham UK.

Perfectly Imperfect clothing brand Norwich UK

Perfectly Imperfect crew clothing brand Norfolk UK.

Positive, self confidence brand Dereham UK.

Positive, self confidence brand Norwich UK

Positive, self confidence brand Norfolk UK.

Positivity clothing brand with Friendly, inclusive, community chat forum, Norfolk UK.

Embrace your differences.

Be true to yourself and proud of who you are! Come and join our crew today.

Love yourself

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Welcome To The Perfectly Imperfect Crew
Online Shop And Forum!

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What does it mean?

It means you accept any differences you have and embrace them.  You are happy being you and know that these differences are what makes you who you are and you are proud of them!

Is it a compliment?


If someone says you are Perfectly Imperfect they mean they admire and accept your differences and Love you for who you are


Being Perfectly Imperfect

Is Perfectly Okay!

Everyone is welcome here!

If you're looking for a friendly, non judgemental group to join, you have come to the right place.  Once you have become a member you can contribute as much or as little as you like to discussions and join in our fun competitions.

Check out our shop and become a member today.

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